About us

Our story is quite simple!

Teaching maths has changed within the years. Reasoning is now a huge part of the mastery approach in maths.

As a class teacher, I would be spending hours searching for reasoning tasks to supplement my lessons. I wanted something easy.. I knew my learning objective and I wanted a library of resources to pick from.

I couldn’t find this. I found some amazing tasks- I would make up tasks as well, but I wanted it all in one place! This is where the idea for the reasoning maths hub came about.

I decided to start creating reasoning questions so others could find a library of resources, no matter what maths scheme they were teaching from.

The website is very new- so we are busily adding resources everyday- whilst we do this, we have discounted the price so you could get a years membership for 25% off until the end of March! By then, our library will be completed.


We have so many plans to move this reasoning site forward!

We will be adding assessments, investigations – oh and labels for those who like to print their reasoning tasks on labels.

We want to do our most to help teachers save time and have access to quality resources. If you have any suggestions or feedback- don’t hesitate to contact us via email or any of our Facebook pages or groups.